Ladies Who Wear Hats

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”

                                                -Rudyard Kipling


Mother’s Day inspired me to create this painting. 

This is one of the earlier stages of the painting.  The background and ladies were laid out. The under painting (1st layer of painting) was done. 




This picture shows the progress. I’ve begin to block in the colors for the hats.  I chose colors I felt would pop out against the background.

I’ve almost finished the hats and I’ve started to flush out the skin tones in this picture. 

ladies who wear hats last.jpg

The painting is complete!

When I look at this painting I think about the women that wear hats when they go to church on Sunday morning or the women who wear hats in the boardroom. I ‘ve seen women rocking fabulous hat expressing their own personal style walking down the streets of Chicago. It’s something about women who wear hats. They elude this feeling of style and sophistication.

If you are a woman that wears hats this painting is dedicated to you!